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Station Ai Early Support Base

Resident Companies


Connects business operators tackling technical issues with engineers affiliated with companies that have surplus power to solve each others problems.


An online preventive dental service where users record photos of the inside of their mouth at home to receive advice on their mouth's condition from a dentist.


Digital marketer training business and content planning business utilizing marketing.


A service that offers real-time translation and a new approach to language learning through encounters between Japanese and non-Japanese people.


Training scheme developed through industry-academia collaboration for non-Japanese who are highly motivated to work at Japanese companies, and a new human resource business.


Provides a web application service aimed at realizing a workplace culture with high psychological safety.

Our Ethical

Online marketplace where people can find ethical products perfect for them.

Step In International

A business that supports higher health standards by developing cafes using AI-based body building and supplements.


Provides "MOUMUU" as a training platform improving speech ability supporting "oral flail."


Develops and offers systems substituting human tasks with machines by fusing education x AI.

Pascal Laboratoire LLC.

A service for the planning, development, sale, and introduction support of authentication products for IoT devices.

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